Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni welcomes you!

Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni began his mission in 1967. He approached rough urban communities with a single and a thousand-times refined purpose, forged from his own experience. His mission is to aid individuals to take ownership of their future by guiding them one at a time onto the path to righteousness by the hand of God. Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni has led and witnessed his members develop a change in attitude with a spark of confidence and motivation to show others the way.

His mission guides the principled reach to ministry, personal development, and an entropic community.

Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni founded Victory Outreach to give aid to the shunned and discriminated and praise acceptance and forgiveness. As a global community, it’s creed citizens stretch far and wide, to every race, color, history, and income.

Grant a visit to a Victory Outreach Church from LA to Manila, Manila to Mexicali; you will be welcomed as one and the same. If you have not visited a Victory Outreach Church lately, allow us to extend our warmest welcome.

Welcome to the family.