He was the sort of man who instigated trouble, not profound transformations. Who made himself coordinating gangs, not holy places. Who debased lives, not spared them. A former drug-addict of the rough-up streets of New York, he became a spiritual pioneer and leader of a church collective to guide lost and corrupt individuals around the globe.

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Sonny came to Jesus amid David Wilkerson’s initial The Cross and the Switchblade days in the perilous ghettos of New York. He invites you to listen to his inspiring one of a kind story.

Sonny now demonstrates through his work that no one is beyond saving. In his houses of worship, the formerly incarcerated, the opium dealers, disbanded gangsters, and
religious individuals have been educated, prepared and sent forward to share the way of life lead by Jesus Christ.

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Learn how  rambunctious cluster of addicts, sex workers and gangsters, are transformed to the path Christianity and are educated in the Scriptures. They’ve led the streets to pioneer urban houses of God. From the worn out places of New York to the gang pervaded neighborhoods of East Los Angeles, Victory Outreach is repairing broken lives on America’s broken streets.

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Feel the blessing and power, Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni conveys with the five ageless messages deciphered in this book. These messages are amusing, genuine, and enthralling as they apply an outline for ages of future pioneers, Pastors, and Rehab Directors.

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