United We Can


Who can hear the silent cry of those hurting in the inner city?

Only those who have cried alone.

For over 50 years Victory Outreach¬†and Sonny Arguinzoni¬†have been helping those shackled to a life of drugs, gangs or violence in the inner city. As we we start this new century that effort continues to expand to the darkest corners of the earth. But Sonny and the people at Victory Outreach can’t do it alone. That’s why he started United We Can. Its purpose is simple. If we all come together, we can multiply our efforts throughout the world. We can bring the Good News to those who have been forgotten.

Not everyone can venture into the inner city to minister. Few can go to a foreign country and reach out to the lost. Yet through United We Can you can help take this crucial, life-giving outreach to every continent. Won’t you help Sonny Arguinzoni, help those living in the darkness? Become a United We Can member today. To learn more about this vital program visit www.victoryoutreach.org, where you can sign up to be a part of this life-giving effort, or go directly to the United We Can Member Center here to give today!

Also, by signing up today, you can receive regular updates about Victory Outreach’s efforts around the globe. Right now, at this moment, you know that somewhere… someone is crying. If you can hear them, then won’t you join us?